• INTRO introduction

Dear CSF members and colleague from the securitization industry:


After a series of arrangements and the technical test, China Securitization Forum Online Academy (hereinafter referred to as Online Academy) officially founded.


China Securitization Forum (CSF) has always been committed to "Education, Consensus Building, Advocacy" as the basic purpose. After several years development, now has nearly 4000 individual members and nearly 300 institutional members. For the purpose of the practice of "Education", CSF builds the Online Academy on the Internet. Thus provide securitization, structured finance field, related skills training and exchange of capital market opportunities to the members, industry organizations and other parties. Also the platform has both efficient and convenience, enable the members can autonomic learning under the resource guide.


The Online Academy is CSF's independent project, its external activities of the relevant legal responsibility shall be borne by CSF. The Online Academy is committed to build a leading securitization industry practical education system and become the field of asset securitization and structured financing platform for the professional training. At the same time to build a bridge of communication for the main body in the securitization transactions, professional intermediary service institutions, investment institutions, such as market players, as well as regulators, lawmakers and academic institutions.


Professional – The Online Academy will set all areas within the industry expert consultants, senior staff, excellent academic researchers as lecturer team, to provide cover securitization all brilliant, practical courses in the field of business. Meanwhile sharing industry laws and regulations, policy change, market development and other related information, help members to frontier problem research and new product development. CSF consists of each asset class committee and special committee recommended and inspected every field speaker, training content, education members will be responsible for determining the curriculum, the curriculum quality, common to ensure that the Online Academy of professional.


Internationalization – The Online Academy will employ a large number of overseas assets securitization as a lecturer, senior experts in order to absorb the advanced experience of foreign assets securitization and structured finance industry and the innovation idea, encourage overseas securitization technology and the practice of China's securitization market depth fusion. On the "2016 Annual Conference of China securitization Forum", the Structured Finance Industry group (SFIG), the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), the Asia Securities Industry &Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA), the Australian Securitization Forum (ASF), the Asia-pacific Structured Finance Association (APSA) from different countries and regions such as securitization and structured finance industry group and CSF jointly signed a "Global securitization and structured finance industry group Beijing declaration (2016)”. Securitization of the overseas organization would promote securitization of CSF and overseas industry comprehensive exchanges and cooperation, to provide Online Academy of international security.


The Online Academy by using the combined hierarchical training of "live and on-demand" ways, CSF members can synchronous watch the course either through software, web or WeChat. Also can be repeat watch live video through the CSF website and training platform. At the same time, the Online Academy will also share the valuable training video of the asset securitization industry.


At present the Online Academy with the aid of YY LIVE platform and depending on the cloud technology of Letv cloud to realize the function of online training. The YY number is 1579864789, live training channel number is 39969618.


Live View Ways:

  1. Use the YY LIVE to watch live:

Download YY software (the official download address) :

http://www.yy.com/yy8/, register after logging in, in the search box of the software to find 39969618 and enter the room, you can watch live.


  1. Use WeChat to watch live:

Through WeChat scan training course code, you can watch live directly. Since each training program to generate the code is not the same, please feel free to focus on the notices of the training course from CSF WeChat ID.


  1. Use the computer web to watch live:

Log in CSF member management platform website, through the school of "network" to watch.

Login site:



Recorded view ways:

The CSF's Online Academy platform

(link address:


After landing CSF member management platform website of “network school”,  you can see all recorded the introduction of resources;


Recent training lecturer and a complete list of the training course will post in CSF website:


CSF education training platform: securitization.com.cn

And also on the official WeChat, please take attention to this.


Here, the Online Academy also very welcome CSF members and Industry experts positive self recommendation to become the training lecturer. The interested parties please send email to:

[email protected].


In order to work together to promote and improve the development of the Online Academy , Online Academy welcome everyone to feedback、put forward request and problems with Online Academy's staff.


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